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From boardshorts to live wakesurfing demonstrations, a first-ever Water Sports Toys Center has been added to this year’s reinvented Progressive Cedar Point Boat Show that is getting a host of new features and attractions.

It’s believed to be the first boat show in the nation to offer wakesurfing demonstrations – not on any stage but actually on the water! But that’s just one of the attractions included in the new Toys Center. This special area will boast a wide variety of other water sports items, like: towable tubes, water skis, wakeboards, surfboards, vests, a variety of accessories and more, all being brought to the show by Akron’s popular Sun Valley Sports. But there’s even more!

The Toy Center will also feature Hobie kayaks and Eclypse SUPs. And, there will be Hobie kayaks at dockside and available for show visitors climb into and paddle around in the Water Sports Lagoon. Moreover, in conjunction with the Sun Valley Sports exhibit, Akron’s Buckeye Sports Center will display a selection of wake boats and actually have two in the water to be used for the wakesurfing and wakeboarding activities.

Not familiar with Wakesurfing? It’s the hotest new water sport in which a rider using a board, specifically designed for wakes, trails behind a boat. After getting up on the wake using a tow rope, the surfer drops it and rides the steep face below the wave’s peak just as in wave surfing. But this wave is even better – it’s endless!

Overall, this year’s boat show will boast power and sailboats from 10-foot inflatable dinghies to 60-foot motor yachts.